We create Artscapes. The term encompasses any and all of the indoor and outdoor living embroidery we feature. A custom designed swimming pool has an artistic quality that a standard model cannot approach. The addition of a water feature - such as a waterfall - is a defining brush stroke on the canvas of your property. Backyard hardscaping, featuring the work of our stone mason, frames your property. And, of course, the handcrafted exquisiteness of a mosaic tile pattern is a gallery piece in and of itself. Artscapes. Let us create one for you.

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See it before we build it Your artscape design takes shape as you consult with our exceptional designers. They integrate your vision, their recommendations, and more than a soupcon of artistic ability into a computer generated, detailed 3D image. The design of your waterscape or hardscape is not complete until you are fully satisfied.

Many steps, one company We are design and build specialists. We are the only contractor you need for preparing the site, digging and construction or installation, laying hardscape and landscape, installing filtering and electrical fixtures and plumbing. Some of the top names in commerce and show business boast our creations. It's not only due to our unparalleled designs, but also our ability to attend to every detail of completing the project.

Inventing outdoor living occurs in five intervals:

  1. Envision
  2. Illustrate
  3. Engineer
  4. Install
  5. Enjoy

Custom swimming pools are personalized to your space, and not limited to an off-the-shelf shape. They are sculpted, not assembled.

Custom outdoor fountains give definition to an entryway. They provide a respite in a business or home courtyard. They create an oasis in outdoor living.

Waterfalls stand alone or punctuate an outdoor swimming pool. Your custom design opportunities range from classic Grecian to California contemporary.

Koi ponds live and breathe outdoors or in. They effortlessly blend into landscaping and hardscaping. They are a tasteful indoor touch in a business lobby or a common area. Reflecting pools offer the same sensory experience without fish.

Backyard hardscaping includes patios, paths and walkways, pool decks, stone walls and masonry accents, and water features. Our flawless designs deliver a tailored, finished look.

Stone mason work is an outdoor/indoor must. Fireplaces; chimneys; walls; foyers; floors; steps and stairs are an indoor decorating theme. Waterfalls, walks, patios, porticos, terrace wall; property borders and entrance walls only begin the list of outdoor uses.

The best outdoor kitchens range from full-sized, to a space-saving cooking island, to a stand alone barbecue. It's a place for guests and families to gather. Gracious outdoor living extends to meal and snack time.

Mosaic tile patterns often repeat on floors and walls. They depict scenes from nature or mythology. They lend themselves to abstract images, such as stylized representations of the sun. Cuerda seca, Catalina, Malibu, or our portfolio of individual designs awaits your decision.

Marble and glass mosaic tiles enable the finest patterns. In the gifted hands of our craftspeople, the word unique only begins to describe your finished project; singular, sui generis, solitary style. Marble is ideal for floors and walls. Glass is unrivaled when your artscape must be waterproof.

Allow us to introduce you to our designs completed from Dallas to Southern California From a sumptuous bath of mosaic tile patterns gracing the home of an "A-list" musician, to a tile "Persian rug" for a legendary basketball star, to major historical restorations in Catalina, our artscaping has created uncommonly luxurious outdoor and indoor living.

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